Ever had the issue that you don’t have enough outlets to plug everything in to charge? Can’t charge the Airpods, watch, and phone, so one of them is going to have to wait or not get charged. Well, Mophie has created the 3-in-1 wireless charging pad.

When Apple failed to deliver on the AirPower, Mophie decided to step in and make several multi-device charging solutions that could make it easier for you to charge all the things you want at once, as long as it was an Apple product. Design-wise these chargers are relatively simple, made from black plastic, and covered with a suede-like fabric for grip and protection from scratches. Mophie makes a version that’s a glossy black plastic for those who don’t like the Ultrasuede look, and Apple decided to sell it on the Apple online store.

Not everyone is a massive fan of the suede because it get discolored depending on the lay of the fabric, but it’s honestly a clean enough design, and the suede keeps the devices in place while charging. Now given the price point, I don’t feel like black plastic is the best material they could have used. It’s a simple and clean look.

The 3-in-1 charger has dedicated sports for your phone, AirPods, and Watch. If you have upgraded to the AirPods Pro, this model may not be the best fit because Mophie designed it for the original Airpods. (Be on the lookout for Mophie upgrade their next charging pad to accommodate the wider AirPods Pro.) Above the indentation for the AirPods, there is a little Apple watch charging puck that is detachable, which helps for travel so you won’t break it. When first connecting the Apple Watch, it took a couple of times to get it to charge correctly, and It was like the connects were not touching and making it to where the watch would not charge.

From my experience, Mophie’s charging products are always good quality and typically reliable, but Mophie is known for its premium pricing, and these wireless chargers are no exception. The 3-in1 wireless charging pad coming in at $140 — which, for a charging pad, is up there. Based on price alone, it can be hard to recommend. But for the buyer looking for something their  life a little easier, this just might do the trick.