Investing and trading in the stock market has become all the rage for those who are looking to earn some extra side cash. There is a plethora of brokerages that tout the superiority of their services, but like with many things in life, you can’t take a one size fits all approach. What works for the seasoned trader or investor doesn’t always prove useful to the novice, and vice versa. Webull is a stock investing web and mobile application that is simple enough for beginners to start with, but also has features that even advanced traders can appreciate. Let’s take a look at some of Webull’s features to see if their platform is right for you:

1)      Zero Commissions- Like many other brokers, Webull doesn’t charge commissions for stock purchases and sales. For many accounts, particularly smaller ones, not having to pay commissions on stock trades can mean the difference between profitability and loss.

2)      Free Real-time quotes- Real-time quotes refers to a brokerage supplying real-time data pertaining to a stock, including volume, market price, big and ask prices, and short availability among other key metrics. Other brokerages sometimes charge a monthly fee for this data, or some require that you have a minimum deposit to access this data. That’s not the case with Webull, as there are no minimum deposits, no account management fees, and no hidden fees.

3)      Multi-platform Access- Webull can be accessed from your desktop computer, cell phone, or tablet. This is common amongst other brokerages, but Webull’s execution in this facet is what sets it apart. The mobile app provides an easy to use interface that lets you quickly manage a watchlist, easily monitor global financial and cryptocurrency markets, trade stocks, and engage with the Webull community. The mobile app’s ability to capture on a single screen a ticker’s price and volume data, news, an easily interpretable chart, indicators, and time and sales data is impressive to say the least!

4)      Full Extended Hours Trading- For those who are new to the world of stocks, the ability to have full extended hours access is huge! Webull provides full extended hours trading, which allows traders access to the markets from 4am-8pm EST. Although you would think all brokers provide this availability, they don’t, which makes Webull the right choice for those who like to trade around the clock.