1. Battery backup for your mobile devices.  In this day and age of constant phone use, a way to recharge your devices without having to find an outlet is a must.  I have used several different kinds over the years but recently have begun to use Anker products almost exclusively. The Anker Power Core Fusion 5000 is a must accessory for my travel and day to day life.  Most battery backups require a separate USB cable in order to charge the actual battery portion of your backup.  The Power Core Fusion charges by being plugged directly into an outlet and has an output of two USB to double as a standard charger.   The power plugs fold up to allow portability and has a LED light to show you how much charge is left in the battery backup. This is a great combination of home charger and travel battery and I recommend picking up a few for Holiday Gifts.
  2. Around Christmas time turning your holiday lights on and off can be a chore all in itself.  For around $15 you can pick up a WIFI power outlet that you can turn on and off on a schedule, through your smartphone, or through Alexa or Google Assistant.  The Kasa Smart WiFi plug is my go-to entry level outlet.  It connects to most automation assistants as well as has a clean app that is easy for anyone to setup quickly.  Outside of using it for Holiday lighting, you can also use it to turn lamps on and off when you are not home or to turn devices on or off that you may be too lazy to get up and physically flip the switch.
  3. MicroSD Card. Anyone who uses any type of Camera, GoPro, Cell Phone, or any kind of device that has storage can always use more MicroSD cards.  The price of these cards over the years has been plummeting with many choosing to hang on to older smaller capacity cards. You can help them upgrade by picking up a 128G MicroSD card.  128 gigs is enough to store up to 6 hours of 4K UHD video, 20 hours of Full HD video, 37,600 photos, or 19,400 songs.  This is a lot of storage in the palm of your hand.
  4. When you work with gadgets and tech they inevitably break. Why not have a loved one prepared to fix their devices with the Tekton Everybit Tech rescue. Most of the small gadget orientated screwdrivers are of poor quality and include a lot of very low quality bits that break under any kind of duress at all. The Tekton screwdriver set uses only the most popular sizes but they still have Tektons great quality and durability that you are used to in Tekton hand tools.
  5. For a loved one who often travels, a bag that can store all the things that do not easily fit anywhere else is a great gift.  I personally use the BAGSMART Electronic Organizer it has helped to keep my USB cables in one place and not get tangled and lost inside my bad. It is also nice that it has a little zipper pocket for things like MicroSD cards as well as USB pen drives that no longer have a home. This bag’s zipper also is of high quality, I have yet to have it get caught or stuck using it almost daily.