1. A Bolt Buster.  This thing works wonders on stuck nuts or bolts. The traditional way to break these would be to use a flame to heat up the but or bolt to make it easier to loosen.  The Bolt Buster uses induction coil heat to heat the nuts or bolts to almost 1000 degrees making short work of any stuck fasteners.   This tool is on the more expensive side of things, especially when often a torch can make just as fast of work on stuck bolts. However, the portability and lack of producing flames of the Bolt Buster are what puts it on this Top 5 list.
  2. Jumper Cables. Even if you are not a hear head if you know someone without a pair of jumper cables in their car this makes a great gift for a stocking stuffer or even a white elephant.  The beauty of the Smart Booster Cables is that they will let you know if they are connected incorrectly.  This is great for those who may be afraid to operate around a car battery or those who have never jumped a car before.  These cables will help to take all the guesswork out of jumping a car.
  3. Tire Pressure Monitoring System.  For those that may have an older car without tire pressure monitoring, knowing the tire pressure is an essential value that is needed for the safe operation of any car.  This system retrofits to any car and allows constant monitoring from the cab of any potential tire pressure loss. Tire pressure is essential in the safe operation of any car and allows for your car tires to operate as they are intended to do, to keep the driver and occupants safe.
  4. Slim Work Light. This slim work light is a must have to keep in your pocket when you are working on almost anything around the house but its magnetic base makes it very helpful when working on cars as it can be operated hands-free with ease.  The Astro 40 SL can reach a brightness up to 410 lumens and can also be dimmed to your specific needs.  The magnetic cap also allows the flashlight to swivel while in hands-free operation. This ensures that you are able to light any nook or cranny that you need to while working in tight spots.
  5. Milwaukee Cordless Ratchet. While a battery operated cordless ratchet is not a necessity to have in a shop, it alleviates a lot of the mundane day to day tasks of unscrewing and tightening bolts making for a happier home mechanic.  What makes the Milwaukee Cordless Ratchet a step above most of the other cordless ratchets is the variable speed trigger as well as using the Milwaukee M12 batteries which appear in many tools that can be used both at home and in the shop.  As someone who beats their tools up around the house, the Milwaukee has already lasted two years of being thrown around the garage and the toolbox.