YouTube creator, inventor and all around bad-A**, Simone Giertz built the first Tesla Truck.  And in our opinion, it looks much better than the CyberTruck debuted by Tesla and Elon Musk.  Maybe Elon should be hiring Giertz instead of the knuckleheads that came up with the CyberTruck.

Giertz named her creation the “Truckla.”  which is clearly a combination of truck and tesla.  Although not all that clever, it is as good as the name “Cybertruck”.  The Truckla was built by taking a new Tesla Model 3, and cutting the back half, and making it into a pickup bed.  This is a vast simplification of the engineering and work that went into creating the Truckla, but you get the picture.

And did we mention, Giertz has been fighting brain cancer while building the Truckla?

Watch the full build video here on Giertz’s youtube channel:

A simpler option for turning a Tesla Model 3 into a truck could just be cutting the back off and putting a flat bed.  Giertz took the more elegant approach by keeping as many of lines the Elon Musk and Tesla designed into the Model 3.  In addition to keep as many lines of the Tesla, she also added some nice styling and functionality by adding a lumber rack and offroad lights.

Giertz gets a lot of credit, and the Truckla is hers, but she built a team mechanics and makers including Marcos Ramirez, a Bay Area maker, mechanic and artist; Boston-based Richard Benoit, from “Rich Rebuilds” on YouTube, and German designer and YouTuber Laura Kampf.

Giertz describes Truckla as either “the smartest or the most stupid thing I’m ever going to do.”  Chopping a brand new $40,000 car on a whim certain could go either way. Giertz goes on to say that the Truckla truly is her dream car, and that she will never own a internal combustion vehicle again.