Nearly all of us at one point or another have run into the same problem, that problem being not being able to get a wifi signal in our own house, and very few things are less frustrating in a modern world.  Our seemingly addiction to information and entertainment makes this problem even more annoying if we get spotty reception and continue to pick up a signal but consistently drop signal over and over again. The frustration can mount and even force people to rearrange their homes and live differently and move offices, rooms and more.

The solution can be pretty extensive and expensive for routing CAT5 throughout your home, the cable cost alone can be significant.  Lucky for anyone with this problem there is a real world solution to this problem that is actually low cost and consistent, as well as incredibly easy to implement.

The product that will solve these problems is a Powerline Ethernet Adapter. The technology and concept is simple, all you need to do is plug in the adapter into a power outlet near your router or modem and connect an ethernet cable to it, then anywhere in your house that is on the same power panel and you can then have internet ethernet ready plug.  The tech uses your houses existing powerline routing as a cable run.

TD-Link makes an AV600 model that is only a mere 25 dollars and allows for a 600 Mbps performance.  If you are needing a gaming application or something a little more demanding in terms of speed needs, you can opt for the AV1000 that only costs 39 dollars and offers 1000 Mbps.  Both units can plug multiple outputs into your house but the maximum Mbps is not per unit it is shared between all active units.

If you are looking for simple solutions for old homes that are not able to leverage Wifi due to poor reception this is a powerful and cheap option for anyone dealing with these needs.  The ease of use and plug and play reality helps anyone of any technical expertise level deploy and use this solution. You won’t be disappointed, and neither will your wallet.