With how quickly technology is changing, wouldn’t it be exciting to get your child something that grows with them from an early age up until their later years in high school or further? Well, I have just the thing for you the iRobot Root Coding Robot.

The iRobot Root Coding Robot does quite a bit. It draws, scans, detects, bumps, sees, hears, feels, moves, glows, climbs, and even plays. But it doesn’t do it without a little help from you or your child. It needs the code added, and then it will bring all the creativity to life. iRobot root allows you to express yourself through its drawings, music, and movement. Root brings coding to a whole new level by letting you see it happen in real-time so that it’s not just a concept but more a reality. It can change the way family nights are by teaching everyone through guided lessons and projects for everyone to learn the fundamentals of coding and giving the opportunity to explore more advanced concepts as everyone’s skills increase.

With Root, it will get progressively more challenging. It would start with Graphical coding. Graphical blocks teach the logic skills of coding. Kids have the chance to problem-solve with Root and real code by drawing, playing music, and making games. This level, your four-year-old can start learning.  As they continue to learn and grow, they will move into Block Coding; this gives the kids more control of the code with a more detailed interface. The hybrid drag and drop language builds computational fluency and allows more hands-on than before. In level three, they will get the opportunity for full-text coding. They are giving them more hands-on problem solving and learning the syntax and structure of professional coding languages in swift.

After messing around with this robot, it was clear that it is not just a typical toy that doesn’t change or grow with your child but rather something that they can grow with over time and learning a life skill that can help them if they decided to go into coding or even have a hobby. Giving your child a toy can be more than blocks, cars, and board games. Even those all of those are great.