Do you often find yourself wondering what the best TV on the market is? If not that probably means you are a pretty normal person, however, if you do find yourself wanting to know that, let us first say, everything is going to be ok, and you are in luck because you have come to the right place. We love TV’s, we really love them, so when we are talking top of the line, it starts and ends with OLED options. The deep blacks, mixed with the wonderful bright vivid colors and the unparalleled crispness of the picture make it seem all that more real.

When it comes to OLED options it really comes down to two flagship product offerings, Sony vs. LG. The two Flagship models are the LG C9P and the Sony A9G. Most conversations about these two being compared center around the fact that the Sony a9g series is using the same exact IPS panel made by LG, which makes the average person normally immediately side with the LG given that they made the panel. However, that means comparing them comes down the Operating system and the image processor.

The LG is using WebOS as its software, whereas Sony is using Android Oreo. Depending on who you are and what style you prefer could land you in different opinions, but the one thing that is a clear advantage for the LG is the software menu allows you to browse while still watching a large portion of the screen whereas the Sony menu is fullscreen.

Both TVs are using the respective companies’ top of the line processors, Sony’s x1 ultimate and LG uses their alpha 9 gen 2. The only way to benchmark these effectively is to compare their motion handling capabilities. Both are so good at handling high motion it makes it difficult to truly test it, so it comes down to setting preference. The Sony has an auto mode for motion detection that makes it variable, the LG does not have an auto motion mode giving the casual user a far better experience when it comes to motion settings.

Ultimately the TV that wins out here is dependent on your needs, our analysis says that if you want or need a brighter TV due to room effects, you should choose the LG, if you are looking for a softer picture calibrated right out of the box then you should choose the Sony. In either case, you basically can’t go wrong.