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PlayStation 4
Xbox One

Most people didn’t know this game was being released. I have been a Terminator superfan since T2 came out and instantly fell in love with the whole concept of the Terminator. Man vs machine has always interested me and it’s becoming more and more of a possibility with the advancement of Artificial intelligence.

Terminator fans should finally get excited because we finally have a decent game to play. Just like Terminator: Dark Fate, Resistance follows in its footsteps and ignores any events that happened after T2. The game takes place in 2028 Los Angeles, and you take control of Jacob Rivers, a soldier in John Connor’s army who has to come together with the resistance to prevent the annihilation of the human race. The plot leads up to the events of T1 where Kyle Reese and the terminator Model 101’s arrival in 1984.

“The future is not set” has always been one of the most iconic phrases in The Terminator franchise and this game lets you make a decent amount of choices as you progress throughout the game. They give you a range of minor to bigger choices that you may have that depicts how the game will end. The campaign is about 10 hours long and it consists of basically blasting your way through everything. The graphics seem slightly outdated, but they aren’t atrocious. I think they are good enough to just get by.

For the first couple of hours, robot spiders and sentry drones are the majority of what you get to blast at and when the actual terminators show up, sure they look great, but that’s really all they are. The Terminators don’t really give you that hard to kill feeling that you are given in the movies so it will disappoint some as to how easy they are to kill. The A.I. Isn’t that great in this game. Seems like the A.I. just walks into your weapon of choice and allows for an easy kill for the human players. You typically just roam around the same areas of what’s suppose to be Pasadena California.

Terminator: Resistance gives you multiple types of weapons that seem plentiful and honestly all too powerful for this game. You have the crafting tables to manufacture your own pipe bombs, but really it’s not needed due to the number of weapons and health that’s throughout the game. The game isn’t the greatest, but it sure is the best Terminator game made to date so that should at least get its followers to at least enjoy the fact that a game was at least attempted.