Have you ever gone a night where your children fight you on brushing their teeth? Or even ask them if they did and they tell you no. Well, let me tell you about the Kolibree Ara Smart Toothbrush.

Kolibree isn’t a big name in the toothbrush world. Many have heard of Oral-B or Philips when they are thinking of the big names.  I had not heard of them until I was looking for something to be able to track the brushing habits of my son. Smart Toothbrushes have been around a while. Still, Kolibree feels like they have something new to provide with an intelligent toothbrush. Smart enough to tell you where you’re brushing and give you personalized recommendations on how to improve your technique. So cool, right?

When looking at the Ara, it seems like your standard electric toothbrush, albeit one with a pleasingly minimalist two-town design. It was designed to look attractive and straightforward, rather than high tech, and it’s a welcome touch in an industry that hasn’t been concerned with aesthetics.

Ara has one setting and buzzes every 30 seconds to let you know you need to move on to the next quadrant of your mouth. With a series of buzzes at the two-minute mark to let you know you are finished. All of these features are available in any cheap electric toothbrush, so what makes Ara so unique? Well, I’m glad you asked.  Ara came out with an accompanying app that pairs the brush with your phone via Bluetooth. It utilizes a series of motion sensors to track how you’re brushing and delivers real-time feedback to your phone while you brush. It will show you areas in you brushed adequately or didn’t, and how regularly you brush.

Now, Kids will get a more exciting way to brush their teeth. Kolibree has created an endless runner game that has you play; you collect coins. To move right, you brush the right side of your mouth, to the left by brushing the left side, and so on. As the levels get more complicated, it will require the kids to be more precise with brushing more evenly and thoroughly.  At this time, Kolibree only has one game out, but they have promised to get more games in the future to add more variety.

So if your kiddos are having a harder time in the morning and evening brushing their teeth, this might be the thing to get them excited for it