It has been 19 years since the original Shenmue came out on the Sega Dreamcast and I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was massively funded and This sequel is authentic and plays much like you’re reliving the dream of continuing on with your long-lost story. You will immediately notice that the level of detail of the worlds are amazing and well put together. The game engine really showed its age when comparing it to newer game engines, but it still got the job done for this long-awaited game. It feels like it is stuck in time and plays like you’re playing on the original Dreamcast. The champaign mode is over 15 hours.

Release date:
November 19, 2019

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The lighting in Shenmue is beautiful and helps the world sizzle with this effect. The character’s colors seem a little too flat making them look slightly dead. If you decided to take a trip across the whole world the game wouldn’t need any loading points. The Quick Time Event’ that the original heavily used is back in this installment. I expected this return and just like the original, this year is just as repetitive as ever before. I would have liked this as well as newly incorporated games to freshen up repetitiveness. You may also engage in yelling at the TV because you constantly pressed the right button, but it isn’t registered in the game.

Daily life is repetitive but somewhat satisfying because you have the choice to do multiple things like fish, collect capsule toys, play in arcades, but there are no Sega classics to play this time like the original. Every single shop sells everyday items you can use, collect in sets or trade. Every shop has a shopkeeper with a distinct character, and every character will speak in their own tone which makes you feel like there is life in this game. The recorded dialogue in this game is unbelievable and the acting is at its best this year.

Combat is the same it has been every year. You gradually learn different martial arts moves and get stronger as you progress. I truly believe that if the game wasn’t this beautiful it wouldn’t work and the game would be too outdated for anyone to really care, but it’s not and it’s perfect for the waiting fans. The game works because it’s so similar to its original roots so if you want to continue the saga I would highly recommend this worthy sequel.