Who loves a good Arcade game, especially a vintage game like Pac-Man? Reliving the glory days of arcade games is back, and you don’t have even to leave your house to enjoy it. Arcade1Up Pac-Man Home arcade is now out and could be yours to enjoy and share the love of an old fashion game with your family.

What is so amazing is Arcade1Up decided to do what many have always wanted — being able to create the ultimate Mancave with a unique set of games and artwork that is truly meant to evoke an ’80s-arcade feel. Games like Pac-Man, Rampage, Gauntlet, Defender, and Joust. To name a few.

If that list of games doesn’t get the blood flowing, there are plenty of other options to choose from, including a 12-in-1 atari cabinet available for even more variety. Of course, you can find a playable version of these games at a much lower cost than what Arcade1Up offers.  What you get with Arcade1UP is accessibility at a reasonable price. Each cabinet comes in a flat package. The unit comes already assembled, the company provides videos and guides to help if your unit is not.

With the Rampage cabinet, you get a few multiplayer options, which is funny because if you have kids, you get to show them how games use to be played and that you still have it. It provides an experience similar to the one you will remember when you had to be dropped off at the arcade to play with your friends. The games included, Truely give you a true enough feel to its arcade counterparts. There’s a satisfying mechanical click and clack as you move the joystick and repeatedly tap a button.

Modern games are a bit more forgiving. Still, it’s that razor-thin margin of error that makes games like Rampage so thrilling — giving you the want to come back because you were so close to advancing to the next level or you finally figured out the pattern that is needed. That temptation that victory is just a finger click away is what compels you to put another quarter into the machine. You know exactly what time talking about, don’t you? This time around, you won’t need the quarters to keep playing at home.

If you want to relive the glory days of being at an arcade, Arcade1Up is as close as you will get and relatively reasonable, starting at $299. Times to show your kids the glory days of games past and get them off the Xbox or PlayStation, you now have that opportunity.