Back in 2017, Nintendo introduced the Switch. It delivered a unique value proposition being able to transition from playing games instantly on your TV to playing it on the go. It was the only game console out that offered games like Zelda, Mario, and Super Smash Bors. The $300 price was a deal-breaker for many. So Nintendo decided to come out with the Switch Lite, which fixes the price issues, coming in at $200 – but you forgo the ability to connect to a TV.

The Switch Lite is designed exclusively for playing in handheld mode. With the Original Switch, Nintendo Proved that games didn’t have to be decided around hardware and that with the right device, you could enjoy the same games in a variety of places. One thing the company did prove is that it can still build one heck of a handheld device. When comparing the two modals at the most basic, the Switch Lite is just a smaller Switch. With a smaller touchscreen and overall much tinier in comparison. The controller layout is mostly the same, and it has the same slots for game cards and a microSD card.

The Switch Lite runs the same operating system as the original. With a battery life can run from three to seven hours, seems to be reasonably accurate. When playing many different kinds of games, it tends to need a recharge about every four to five hours. If you already own a Switch, I wouldn’t say this is an upgrade. The improvements are subtle, but not drastic enough to warrant getting a whole new device with similar features. The Lite is more for people who are on the fence about and likes the idea of a Nintendo and the games it offers. Or if you need something for the kids to fill some of those breaks from school.

In a world where everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, services like Apple Arcade and Google Play make it easy to play games easier than ever. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for a dedicated device like the Switch Lite. There are still those out there that would enjoy a useful handheld device.