Monster Hunter has been around for some time now since 2004. With five other games before it, Monster Hunter World has become Capcoms second best-selling game of all time with over seven million copies sold. I believe this must be because Monster Hunter World has superior graphics and gameplay mechanics over its predecessors. With a ton of weapons and armor to choose from, you may feel overwhelmed at first glance but, once you learn the logistics of armor and weapons, you will find no trouble choosing what loadout you want. There are also new terror rising monster to fight and kill now. Including an improved monster system which makes fights feel more immersive.


Stunning views from the top of Ancient Forest will leave you in awe as you take in all the scenery. While also gathering in Coral Highlands feels like you are in an underwater coral reef filled with color and excitement. Without a doubt, I guarantee you will be fully immersed in Monster Hunter World. Using the MT Framework engine, Monster Hunter goes above and beyond in the graphics department. Surreal visuals make hunting monsters more of an eye-candy adventure instead of a dull search when tracking the monster. Speaking of monsters, the monsters look fantastic in this game. For example, the Paolumu, which is a bat-like monster found in Coral Highlands. It looks cute and cuddly whenever you first approach this beast but, as soon as you are spotted, it turns into a mean, evil twisted bat trying to murder you. The detail on this thing is well, scary. Its hair moves with the wind and its face looks like a giant bloodthirsty, rabid crazed bat. If you are looking for a game with stunning graphics, this is your sign.

Not only does Monster Hunter have great graphics it also manages to improve on overall gameplay. With hundreds of side missions called “investigations”, you can grind rare parts without having to play the main missions again. Investigations also give you extra rewards that have higher rarity items other than the main missions. You unlock these investigations by tracking. Yes, you can now track in Monster Hunter World. Finding tracks of monsters not only unlock investigations but, they provide detailed information depending on how much evidence you have found. The higher the level of tracking you have on a monster, the more details it will show. Including monster weak points, what weapons the monster is weak to and so much more. This gives great gameplay instead of just killing a monster and getting armor then repeat.

There is a lot of cool things in this game and I can go on about it all. Like the new cooking, Icebourne DLC, and the funny Capcom crossovers. The best way to learn about it though is by experiencing it yourself. I highly recommend getting this game if you are into crafting-based RPG’s. This game only requires you to kill monsters and use their parts for your weapons and armor. It’s simple and very, very fun.