In these hectic modern times, there never seems to be enough of just that, time! We bounce from work to school to other activities and we’re lucky to pencil in even a little free time for ourselves. With that type of schedule, who has time to even think about their money, much less put together a comprehensive budget. Well, fear not modern schedule warrior, for there is a budgeting solution that takes the pain out of that dreaded word, and it’s called Mint.

Mint is a web-based budgeting and financial management solution that consolidates all of your financial information into one easy to use platform. Simply sync your bank accounts, credit cards, loans and investments with their secure platform, and you’re one step closer to a fully organized financial picture. You can even manually add in assets like your car and house to give you a comprehensive picture of your net worth.

Each time you login to the site connects to all of your accounts and refreshes account balances in the overview tab and transaction history in the transactions tab of the site. In the transactions tab, you can see a complete history of all of your transactions since you started using the site, and each transaction includes its date, description, category, and dollar amount. Transaction dates and categories can be adjusted as needed and the dollar amounts of a transaction can be split amongst multiple category types, and rules can be created to automate the process. For your family’s Microsoft Excel nerd, the entire transaction history can be exported to Excel so they can run Pivot Tables and VLOOKUPs until their heart’s content.

Once your transactions are categorized properly, you’re ready to head to the budget tab to create your budget. Income and spending categories can be easily added to your budget, and once they’re added the budget tab visually shows your spending progress for each category via a progress bar. Mint also automatically creates a schedule for your bills and notifies you of upcoming bills if you so desire, provides an interface for you to set goals, and provides visual interfaces that help you monitor trends. For those who are short on time and long on expenses, Mint is the perfect budgeting solution to get your finances on track.