How many times have you misplaced your keys, wallet, phone, and it takes your 5-10 mins to find them when you are rushing out the door? Tile has revamped its key finder line up, and it is a lifesaver when you can’t find those keys.

Tile Mate and Tile Pro are relatively inexpensive. $25 and $35, respectively. Tile now offers a subscription service, Tile Premium, for $3 a month or at a discounted rate for $30 a year. With the premium services, you will get notification on your phone should you ever leave a tracker and what is attached to it even if it’s just left at the house. Some of the other features of its service are: an extended three-year warranty, free battery replacement every year, texting access to tech support will be available through the Tile app, but as an in-app purchase, Location history, and the ability to share your TileTile with an unlimited number of users.

Tile is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. You can still utilize the Tile’sTile’s essential tracking and two way find features without a premium subscription. One thing as I have played around with Tile’s features is that Tile has a harder time making a case for its premium subscription. While getting a new battery shipped to you every year without any hassle or fuss is undoubtedly a nice feature. But for its Smart Alerts sending notification to your phone, if something is left behind. This can be essential, but other trackers offer a similar feature with geolocation, sending an alert to your phone the minute you lose contract with the finder.

Tile’s tracker has already set the pace for key finders. Now that you can replace the battery on the new Tile Mate and Tile Pro, the one reason to look elsewhere has been addressed, including the louder alarms and better range. The Pro offers a superior range and more piercing alarm, but you have to spend a little more than you would have in the past. Tile was the perfect find for me since I tend to misplace my keys often with a toddler who loves to take my keys and run with them.