Do you have a hard time keeping plants or a garden alive? Keeping up with the watering, making sure it’s not too much, as well as making sure it gets the right amount of sunlight. Well If those are issues you have come across, The Smart Garden 3 might do the trick to get you those fresh fruits and vegetables you can enjoy year-round.

The Smart Garden 3 gives you the experience of having your garden, no matter what the climate is where you live. The CLick and Grow indoor garden works just like a Capsul coffee maker, but only for plants. It is offering Biodegradable plant pods that have seeds and nutrients inside to give you the best of it all.

It is so simple that you insert the capsule, add water, and plug it in. The Smart Garden adjustable LED lamp furnishes plants with an enhanced light spectra that helps growth. There is no limit to how tall or how much can grow on any given plant. The NASA technology, Smart Soil, created the perfect environment plant need to thrive. Releasing the nutrients in sync with the plant’s life cycle, keeping the PH balance where it needs to be and employs tiny oxygen pockets to guarantee plants get ample breaking room when the soil is wet.

Now, we all know that water the plants can be the hardest part because we almost always forget. The Smart Garden has a 40 oz water tank, which holds enough water for up to three weeks of watering for your plants. Being able to set the alarm for every three weeks so you can add water to so your plants get the water that is needed. Now, what can you put in the garden? I’m glad you asked, There are more than 50 different plant varieties to chose from or you can use your seeds. A few ideas for your garden, there are multiple types of Basil, Peppers, Dwarf peas, lettuce, mini tomatoes, and much more.

So being a gardener couldn’t be any easier with the Smart Garden 3. It allows you to keep those fruits and vegetables alive so you can enjoy them like they should be. Are you ready to see if your green thumb is up for the challenge?