Everybody that grows up playing video games has the same dream at some point or another: make a living playing video games.  In the past, this was nearly impossible.  Maybe the dream of playing games for profit would get shifted to making video games, or given up all together.  However, now it is much more possible to make a living playing video games than it has ever been.  Even as recently as 10 years ago, the only players making money were the elite few that played and won huge tournaments.  With the advent and explosion of internet gaming and everyone having tons of bandwith at home, there are more people playing video games and earning than ever before.


Game tournaments have long been a source for making money by playing games.  With the increase in number of tournaments and prize payouts growing into the millions, it is still a viable path to earning.  However, with increased prizes, there is increased competition.  Elite gamers are akin to elite athletes.  You will have to train and be among the best to actually make money.


Twitch is the hugely popular platform for watching and streaming video content.  From the start, the platform has been most used for streaming video games, but there are other forms of content available.  Gamers can earn money by streaming games online.  Most players stream their game feed, and also themselves, or at least their voice over the game to talk during the broadcast.  Top Twitch streamers can earn large amounts from Twitch affiliate commissions, tips from their viewers, and even sponsorships.


With expansion of high speed internet, and plentiful bandwidth, huge numbers of people watch tons of content on youtube.  Gamers have migrated to youtube for both pre-recorded content and for the new feature of live streaming.  As an alternative to Twitch, YouTube now offers a section of their website specifically for gaming.  https://www.youtube.com/gaming/

Earning direct from games

This is still a relatively new area for gamers, but there are some games that you can earn while playing.  Although activities like farming gold on World of Warcraft and other such games has been around for a long time, there are some games that offer payouts after certain amounts of the games are paid.   You probably won’t get rich doing this, but if the game is fun and you get paid its is all gravy!

While none of these paths are easy, there are some great ways to earn while playing video games.