Recently I have been on the lookout for some portable small profile headphones to work out in that do not break the bank.  As a proponent of Anker’s USB cables as well as battery backups, when I saw they came out with small low profile headphones at under $40 I had to pull the trigger.

The Anker Soundbuds Slim+ deliver on the three factors that are most important to me when looking for headphones to workout in.  First, the performance they deliver is excellent for the small package and charge time the earbuds possess.  Even in a busy basketball gym with echoes and balls bouncing throughout, I was still able to listen to both podcasts and music at a comfortable volume without having to worry about the ambient noises.  The second factor is comfort. The Anker Soundbuds came with three separate size earpieces that were easy enough to change in and out to determine which was right for my ear. In the end, I choose the default medium-sized earbuds as they felt the most comfortable out of the three choices.   Another factor in comfort is the earbuds ability to stay in when moving around and working out. My ears have never felt right with the Apple-style headphones in. They were always uncomfortable and never stayed in. Over the last two months of using the Anker Soundbuds, I have yet to have them fall out on me while working out or playing basketball, to me this is an essential quality of headphones to use while working out.  The last quality that I look for is value. While I would gladly pay more for earbuds that may delivery better sound performance, while working out audio quality is generally never my first concern. The Anker Soundbuds deliver quality sound across the various volume levels. The only issue that I have had personally with the Soundbuds was their claim to 10 hour battery life. In my experience, the battery life (on full charge) has been about 8.5 hours.  While 8.5 hours is plenty for most and does not drop my opinion, Anker does advertise a 10 hour battery life.

Overall if you are looking for a new set of Earbuds to workout, bike, or run in.  You should check out the Ankersound Buds Slim+ that deliver on bother performance and value.