With the proliferation of the use and ownership of cell phones, people’s ability to constantly take photos has never been higher or more common.  We are all taking photos of the things and people we love and over the years we lose track of these photos and ultimately we lose track of the memories associated with them.  Photos can connect us to memories in ways that other things never could so keeping them is a priority for all of us. This is what has created the need for extra storage that goes beyond our phones.

For years services have been trying to sell users extra storage for their mobile phones. Services like Dropbox and Apple cloud have been charging over $100 dollars a year for 50 to 100 GB of extra storage services.  These services not only charge for this added space they also offer auto sync and the ability to access your photos and files from anywhere while removing the need to manually choose what photos to backup and what not to.

As good and helpful some of these services are, they don’t solve the biggest issue of all, which is how we recall memories in the first place.  Most of us remember fragments of events, but can’t recall the exact time, or date. We remember the big things, Christmas, relative location, and people who were around at the time.

Where other services fail Google Photos delivers.  Not only is the service free for anyone to use it comes with Unlimited photo storage at any high resolution size.  This makes it an amazing service for photographers and people who just can’t seem to take enough photos. But the biggest feature that separates Google photos from other services is the ability that allows users to search for anything in their photos, ranging from items that are in the picture, to the time of year, even the names of people in the photos themselves.  This capability gives users a chance to search and find memories faster and more efficiently. And did I mention it’s free on the Apple App store as well!