Gaming and second-screen technology doesn’t always mix. Nintendo’s DS experiment proved to be a resounding success, while Xbox Owners have not made much use of Smartglass. Logotice has decided to throw its hat into the second-screen ring with the Logitech G19s, a keyboard that has everything but your favorite snack, plus a little LCD Screen up top.

One thing you should know about Logitech is they want to produce the best keyboards out there and in a world that gaming has become so important where kids are now being paid and can go to college on scholarships for gaming. With Logitech G19s keyboard, it’s a big device. Sitting at 20.4X 10.2 inches long, putting it roughly on par with its competitor, Corsair Vengeance and Feenix Autore. Combine the size with a large 2.4-inch color LCD screen, and you’ve got a keyboard that will only fit on a spacious deck.

The G19s has everything you would want in a high-end gaming keyboard: a substantive wrist rest, a backlight that lets you choose what color you want for the day, discrete media controls, and a host of extra keys for macros. The layout is relatively attractive, although the backlighting is relatively weak. When looking at the keys, they have a rubber-dome membrane, and the W, A, S, and D keys are silver along with the arrow keys. But everything else is a matta black. From my experience, the keys are comfortable enough for typing and gaming, giving a decent amount of resistance.

G19s run on Logitech Gaming Software, which is a simple, intuitive, and robust program for setting up profiles, customizing your keystrokes, and programming macros.  One thing to love about the Logitech gaming software is it automatically scans your computer for games and created profiles for them, Then lets you go in and customize the profiles with game-specific commands. Each profile you set up, you can select different backlights depending on the game you have set up. Make no mistake, the attractive LCD screen is one reason this keyboard is $200 instead of $50. The screen is its own operating system, rather than a second screen. It comes with its own set of apps for selecting profiles, watching videos, viewing pictures, and much more.

Overall the LCD G19s seems like a fantastic idea, and it could be useful for a handful of gamers who use their computers primarily for playing multiple character games and communicating over Ventrilo.  But this gaming keyboard isn’t going to be for every gamer out there. Even the G710+ sports a much cleaner design but doesn’t have all the features that the G19s have.