CounterStrike: Global Offense

As a former console player, I could only watch others play CSGO. In my perspective, it seemed like a fun game considering the fact I like competitive shooters. So obviously when I build my first PC my initial instinct was to download this free game on Steam.

The first feeling I got when I started the game up was wow, these maps look thought out. Close quarters but thought out. There is a lot of places where holding corners would be the best option. You can run and gun, but you would have to make sure your aim is on point because body shots aren’t that reliable considering multiple body shots won’t kill an opponent. One headshot would do the trick though. If you can get a well-placed headshot your enemy will be dead instantly. Making this game more about strategy and aim, rather than spray and pray. This makes for a good competitive scene.

The graphics in this game are by far not the best out there, but they are decent and that’s all that matters in a competitive game like CSGO. Without super graphics, you won’t have to worry about fps drops, and you will be able to run high frames easier. The guns skins look great on this game without a doubt. Spending a few extra bucks to get a skin in this game wouldn’t be a bad idea. And there is a bunch of them. Too common to super rare you can unlock hundreds of skins through microtransactions. So, if you’re into looking good while gunning down enemies, this game holds that option for you.

Even though this game came out in 2012, it stills has a big player base so jumping into matches will be with ease. With updates still rolling out, CSGO stays fresh with new game modes and maps to play on for free. This means a ton to the community and the game itself. Making it an overall greater game to play. So, if are into competitive shooters that offer a challenge to your aim and strategy this game would be great for you.