Money is tight.  We get it.  Why toss money out if there are coupon codes that would help you save money.  Or why buy somethingthat is likely to go back down in price?  With so much online shopping, it is important to find tools to help you while shopping.   Here are a few browser plugins that will help you save more.


Most people know about Honey by now.  If you are like me, you got tons of ads on facebook.  Eventually I dove in and tried this out.  Honey basically tries out coupon codes that it knows about and then quickly tries them against your shopping cart.  If any of the coupon codes reduce your total bill, Honey applies the best code.


CamelCamelCamel, or Camelizer,  is a legendary browser plugin.  Over years, they have built their database, mostly of Amazon prices.  Camelizer tracks price changes and lets you see a graph of prices over time.  This is great because for whatever reason, prices fluctuate and you may be seeing the price at an all time high.  What is really great is that you can set alerts and receive emails if a price drops below your desired price.  Note: when your receive the email, it will contain an affiliate link to the product you wanted.  Don’t worry, affiliate links don’t cost you anything, and help support the service Camelizer provides.

Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant is built by Amazon, and performs some of the features the Camelizer provides.  The price history is limited to only 30 days though. The Amazon Assistant also allows you to compare products listed on Amazon.   Maybe one of the best things about Amazon Assistant is that you can receive special offers direct from Amazon.  Amazon daily deals is a great way to save some money on important purchases.

With these plugins, you can easily save some money on your purchases.