Do you enjoy a round of golf with a little music? If so, the Bose frames might be the answer you have been searching out. You get music without the earbud s looks and sounds surprisingly good makes these glasses.

As someone who wears true wireless earbuds, this is not something I have ever really searched out or was on the hunt for, I came across these while I was traveling through Denver. At first, I was skeptical of how it would sound and work while wearing them. Without it being in the ear, how would you hear anything? The Bose Frames are delightful, leaving your ears free of buds or headphones and giving you a chance to listen to what is happening around you while your music is playing.

When people think of smart glasses, they would probably think of the Google glasses that didn’t last long. But the Bose Frames are not in the same league. There’s no screen, camera, or visible signs of “smart” from the front. They look like a beautiful pair of sunglasses and nothing more. Instead, there is a built-in sensor and a couple of hidden speakers, which pip music to your ears.  These sunglasses are designed correctly, giving the regular unisex sunglasses look. Granted, the arms are ticker and broader near the ears where your traditional sunglasses would taper.

Bose gives you two options for frames, the squarer Alto and the smaller, Rounder Rondo. Both were made from black nylon, come with black lenses and look fairly generic overall. Other lens options are available as optional accessories so that you can change the look depending on your style. A few neat features is that you can be sitting next to someone and having a conversation they would not know your music was on unless you listen on high volume.

Bose came out with something unique enough that it was worth targeting people while traveling. One downside is that you are not going to wear sunglasses everywhere, so the headphones come in play at times, and other times, you would need to carry another set of headphones if you are looking to listen to your music.

If you are an avid outdoors person, these headphones could be just what makes your experience that much better. Priced at $199.95 It could change the way you experience your run, hike, or camping trip