Have you been in search of a SmartWatch but didn’t want to spend $500? Well, Fitbit has been on the move creating new watches to keep up with the likes of Samsung and Apple.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the best examples of a hybrid fitness tracker and smartwatch you can buy. It is compatible across Android and iOS devices. Thanks to its $200 price and a long-lasting battery, it is safe to say that the Versa 2 is Fitbit’s best watch. It has a bright, AMOLED Screen and excellent fitness tracking features, and Alexa now lives on your wrist (with some limitations).

Versa 2 vs. Apple Watch

The Versa 2 does its best to emulate some of the slick and beautiful design of the Apple Watch. From a casual distance, one could almost be mistaken for the other. Versa 2 gives you the advantage of built-in sleep tracking. It’s pretty good but lacks a decent built-in GPS so you still need to have your phone with you everywhere you workout.

One downfall with Fitbit is to get enough information about a workout or how you did you need to load it up on your phone, which isn’t a terrible thing, especially since the watch can only show so much on its screen. Fitbit did add a new pull-down to access quick settings to make it easier to silence notifications or pull up remote music controls.

I have used the Versa 2 for several workouts: Runs, Bikes, Spin class, Stairs, and weights. I find it comfortable to wear no matter what the activity I’m doing. My favorite feature, an excellent upgrade over the original Versa, is the single button and touch screen combination to start and stop a workout. The Coach app is still available to provide you workouts on your wrist, although you do have to install it on the watch from the Fitbit App.

For your workouts, the 15 goal-based exercises let you set a desired target, like calories or distance, and you get an alert on the watch once you hit them. Unfortunately, there are no pace alerts to notify you if you are faster or slower than your target pace like the Apple Watch offers.


The Versa 2 is an excellent hybrid of fitness tracker and a smartwatch but since it lacks built-in GPS, it may be a deal-breaker for runners. It’s still one of the best wearables you can buy for under $200.