In today’s world TV’s have never been cheaper.  Companies continue to produce significant amounts of improvements while upgrading the standard size and panel technology.  But with the market expanding it is hard to know what you should spend for a TV while getting the best picture and product possible.  So here we rank the major 4K entry level TVs all having to be under $650 Dollars.

The biggest bargain brands that qualify are Hisense, TCL, and Visio. The top tier companies offering entry level TV’s are Samsung and LG.  Name brand does not always mean better, but in many cases their companies quality assurance is far better and the likelihood of the product degrading faster over time is not as nearly as big of a concern.  So with brand expectations set aside let’s Rank these three Offerings bang for their buck.

  1. Visio M-Series 4k HDR M558-G1 – $549.00

Visio has been trying to break into the higher quality tier market for nearly a decade, and they are now priced in that range, while still offering not nearly a good enough product to justify the pricing.  The panel is solid and the colors are good, but too many complaints about the quality from one unit to the next put this last on our list.

  1. Hisense H6500F Series 4k – 55H6590F – $379.00

The Hisense is a simple standard TV that comes in at a low price.  It comes with a Roku built in and allows for easy and quick setup. This model does not handle blacks well on dark scenes but all the TV’s in this entry level struggle with poorly lit scenes.

  1. Samsung UN55RU8000 Smart 4k Ultra HD – $629.00

This Samsung is one of the best TV’s on this list, but it also is nearly double the price of others.  So the question is ultimately trying to put a dollar value on the comparative value delivered when looking at other offerings in the same level.  The picture and contrast puts it at the top of this level, but the price is simply too much when comparing it to our other picks, so we put it at number 3 for our list.

  1. TCL Class 5-Series 4k UHD 55S25 – $329.00

Price is the name of this game when it comes to this TV, the picture is solid and the pixelation issues that happen in high-motion don’t seem to be as apparent in this model.  If you are looking to spend the lowest amount possible but still be satisfied this should be your choice.

  1. LG 55UM7300PUA 4k Ultra HD – $449.00

When Looking for a TV most people don’t want to shell out for the top of the line model that has all the cutting edge options, but the opposite is also true. Rarely do people want to buy the cheapest option available.  Most of us want the best offering for the price that finds a happy medium between the two. This LG is it, they make their own panels which are some of the best panels in the world and for the picture quality as well as OS capabilities this is your best option, which is why it comes in at number one!