Apex legends is a battle royal game set in a sci-fi world from the Titanfall universe. It has unique characters called legends, each with their own abilities to help you along with the adrenaline rush you will get in a heated fight. With a large variety of weapons to choose from, there is a loadout for almost every type of playstyle. Whether you are a cover sniper popping headshots from 300 meters away or you are more of the run and gun type blasting through enemies before they know what hit them, Apex legends offers and encourages almost all playstyles. Respawn is always working on updates and new content to keep the game fresh. We have also had multiple in-game events that offer exclusive rewards for participating and completing challenges. With all the challenges you can complete in the game, with a new set every week, you will always be busy knocking them out and leveling up. Recently, we got a boost in level progression. Max level previously was capped at 100. Now you can reach level 500 and claim extra loot boxes. If you are more of a competitive player, ranked mode was implemented in Season 2 where you can climb all the way up to Apex predator.

In Apex legends, you drop in a squad of three members instead of four like other battle royal titles such as Fortnite or PUBG which allows for four members. In a way, three members balance the squads since each legend has its own unique abilities such as Gibraltar’s ultimate ability “Defensive Bombardment” that calls in a massive mortar strike slowing down enemies hit, as well as causing major damage. So far, there are a total of 11 legends to choose from and counting. At the beginning of every new season, a new legend has joined the game. This includes Octane in season 1, Wattson in season 2, and Crypto in season 3. We have also got a new map in season 3 as well as shaking things up in Apex. There are 22 guns to choose from when you drop in. They all have attachments ranging in tier from level 1 to level 4. Body armor, backpacks, helmets, and knockdown shields, are also available in tiers 1 through 4. Level 4 armor and attachments are the same as level 3 but with a special ability such as the level 4 armor will give you fast use of items or the backpack will allow you to revive your teammate but giving them extra shields and health when they get up preventing them from getting knocked back down quickly.

The gunplay in this game is extremely good. Each weapon has its own unique recoil pattern that makes every weapon feel vastly different. And I say this with unfathomed joy. Have you ever played an FPS game but every gun you shot felt almost the same? I have way too many times to count. Ever heard of Shroud? Well, if you haven’t let me briefly explain. Shroud is an ex-pro CSGO player considered the best player in the world by many. Anyways, Shroud helped develop the entire recoil system in apex legends. Literally designed by one of the best players in the world. Therefore, the gunplay is so good in this game. It does take a bit of learning to get used to the different patterns of recoil but, you can easily practice in the firing range. The firing range has every item in the game at your disposal along with multiple targets and dummies to shoot. You can go in alone or with your squad since season 3 and now you can actually fight each other to get a feel of how real movement in an actual battle would be like.

This game requires a well-balanced team and good communication. Apex leans greatly towards team play rather than the regular Call of Duty meta where one guy can carry an entire team to a win. If you drop in the arena playing this way you may find yourself losing a bunch of matches. The key is to find compatibility between each legend and use their skills to your advantage. Form a squad and play with that squad. Communicate, Loot fast, and get to high ground and be prepared for the battle of your life.