Once the financial status symbol of choice, the fully-funded or at least on track to be fully-funded retirement fund is more often becoming a rare beast to find. With the savings rates of the average American constantly decreasing, it’s no wonder this is the case. Although we have no one to blame but ourselves, it can be easy to see how we’ve gotten here. With corporations and their marketing teams constantly pushing product through advertising in every imaginable medium of data exchange, and a culture that seems to value form far more than substance, many Americans feel they have no other choice but to keep up with the Joneses. But what if keeping up with the Joneses could help contribute to  a greater Net Worth? Well it can if you use Acorns, a stock investing app that rewards spending.

Acorns works by taking the spare change from your everyday spending and putting it into an investing account. This is done by rounding up your spending transactions to the nearest dollar, and investing the difference between that amount and the actual amount spent. Acorns will also help you create a customized portfolio based on a series of questions about your financial goals and situation. Once they know more about your investing preferences, Acorns invests your spare change in a series of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs for short) that match your risk appetite. The company also believes that diversification is imperative, so your money is automatically allocated across 7,000 stocks and bonds via fractional ownership in Acorn’s host of portfolio ETFs.

Acorns has portfolios to fit the risk tolerance of any investor, with their portfolio categories being Conservative, Moderately Conservative, Moderate, Moderately Aggressive, and Aggressive. The difference between them is their asset mix, which ranges from their Conservative portfolio being 100% in bonds to their Aggressive portfolio, which is 100% invested in corporate stocks. Acorns also offers a program called “Acorns Later” which has retirement plans that the everyday investor can utilize, including a Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, and SEP IRA.

Far too often retirement planning is forgotten about or put off into the future, but Acorns has several simple solutions that can help the everyday investor get back on track.